Wake up tips for weight loss !!

imageDespite being someone who’s known for “fixing” pain, and recommending strengthening and stretching regimes to combat long term issues, I also often get asked about nutrition, and advice on losing weight.

Sadly, it appears that weight loss is not as simple as the “calories in, calories out” method that has been adopted in the past, where you simply aim to burn off what you ate the day before !!

I don’t intend to go into the dietary requirements of your programme, as I’ll leave that to the discretion of your chosen experts….. However, there are a few tips which will doubtless add value to your quest to shift those additional winter pounds.

On waking….

– Drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice to aid digestion, kick start metabolism, and provide your body with a great alkalising and detoxing effect.  Not only does this assist your weight loss, but also reduces the risk of diseases that exist in an acidic environment.

– Drink caffeine…. Whether it be your favourite cup of coffee (minus the sugar and cream overload if possible !!), or a green tea of your choice, metabolism will feel the kick.

– Drinking water has always been a staple addition to any healthy diet, but on waking, drinking a standard bottle of water (ice cold is best for its metabolism boosting qualities, according to the experts), will help your body function at peak fat burning performance.

It has been found in a German study, that by drinking 17 ounces of regular water, metabolism increases by 30% !!  Not to be missed as far as I’m concerned, and that’s without the skin benefits (which is another discussion……).

– To work out or not to work out….. If you are a morning workout  person (which I very much am for the stimulating qualities and the boost it gives my day), then don’t eat on waking, but do all of the above.  If you DO decide to workout in the morning however, be aware that this is known to reduce cravings for the rest of the day !!!

If you are not looking to workout within an hour or so of waking, you need to eat !!  Yes, eat a fabulous breakfast, and preferably with the addition of something spicy, like added to your eggs, or sprinkled on your porridge, whatever is your spice of choice really.  This is going to give you a metabolism boost for up to 3 hours.

– Finally, breathing….. If you can’t face any of the above, I’m sure you can manage to include some deep breathing into your regime, as stress is the biggie for slowing down metabolism and insulin stimulating fat around the middle !!  Breathing exercises reduce stress, and ultimately the consequences….

I hope you find some useful tips from this, as it isn’t always about calorie counting, and let’s face it, life is for living, not enduring !!



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