Sports Massage

Sports Massage


Sports and Remedial Massage is generally applied where there is a specific problem area and incorporates a variety of stretching techniques such as Soft Tissue Release, Myofascial Release and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation – all of which are extremely effective in restoring balance within the body’s soft tissues.

The main benefit of Sports and Remedial Massage is that it improves muscle flexibility and blood circulation, reduces injury recovery time and aids the prevention of sports injuries by preparing the body for exercise.

Sports Massage is not just for sports professionals – it can be useful to those people who are deskbound, spend a lot of time driving and those who work out or are involved in any kind of sport or physical activity such as dance or yoga.

Benefits of Sports Massage

  • It aims to improve the suppleness and flexibility of muscles and increase the range of joint movement.
  • It improves blood circulation, speeds up the healing of damaged or stressed muscles, tissues and joints and prevents future muscle and tendon injuries.
  • It is often used during training and can be carried out prior to sports events, where it will stimulate circulation, calm nervous tension and prepare the individual for optimal performance whilst at the same time reducing the risk of injury.
  • It can also be carried out after a sports event, where it will relieve the onset of muscle soreness and assist with the removal of lactic acid and other waste products.
  • Sports massage is good for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system.
  • It reduces strain and discomfort caused by training or participating in sport and it encourages the body to heal and repair any injuries sustained.

Pre and Post Event Massage

Pre event massage is a great tool to prepare tight muscles for activity, improving circulation of blood to the muscles to aid with flushing of toxins, which aids with prevention of cramps and raising the body temperature and heart rate in preparation for exercise.

Post event massage is of great benefit for returning muscles to their original state, improving venous return and removing lactic acid build up, in order to prevent the onset of next day muscle soreness.

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