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New Appointment locations for Sports Therapy in 2018

Hi everyone

Many are already aware that I have moved from the Heatons, but for those who aren’t, I am currently working on a mobile basis, meaning that I will come to you.

If that isn’t suitable, and I already know you, I can accommodate in Cheadle Hulme.

Please contact me for any further details.

Thanks! Read More »

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Wilmslow Half Marathon

Wilsmlow half marathonIt’s here again, and the familiar sadness of the lately injured appearing on facebook statuses!!  However, for those who are still healthy and taking part, the crucial part now is to maintain yourself for further training after the event.

By booking in for a sports massage soon after Sunday, you can iron out all of your niggles and stresses, and get you back on the road sooner than you think!!

All those quoting my blog will be eligible for a discounted treatment in the week beginning 4th April 2016:

30 mins  £19 instead of £22

60 mins   £30 instead of £37

Based in Heaton Mersey, and operating every day from  Monday-Saturday, with evenings until 9pm Monday-Friday, I look forwards to seeing you next week !!

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Winter warmers 😎

Well it’s been a while, as I’ve moved house and had too much else going on, so have neglected to blog, but will make up for it with some reasons to keep reading!!

As December is looking to start miserably in terms of the weather, I’m offering a cheery start with an offer to warm your purse strings and massage your aching legs (or anything else that hurts for that matter!)….

Book a 60 minute appointment during December for any time between 11am-4pm on Tuesday-Friday, and Pay only £30 instead of £37.  This runs separately from any block bookings that you may have, and they won’t be affected.

Book 2 X 30 minute appointments during December for any time between 11am-4pm on Tuesday-Friday, and pay only £35 instead of £44.

Remember you can still book online, as the deposit paid will be deducted from the final price, so you won’t pay more than the offer.

Any questions, please give me a call, text, or send an email to amanda@bodyzonetherapy.co.uk

I look forward to seeing you in the studio, where you can be revived and ready for some serious Xmas shopping !!

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New Premises !!

Hi there, having settled into my new premises, it’s time to shout about it, and let you know where I am currently working from….

I’ve the good fortune to meet some great guys who are some of the best personal trainers you will find, at the Heatons Personal Training Company in Heaton Mersey.

I will be operating from their studios mainly, and still offering the mobile service to those who cannot get to me for various reasons, and will be occasionally offering complimentary consultations, which will be advertised via my Bodyzone Facebook page and on Twitter, so stay posted !!

My working hours are mostly from 8am-9pm during the week (7pm on Friday), and 9am-6pm on Saturdays.

I have introduced an online booking system for a number of reasons, firstly to stay with the times and move into the 21st century….. Secondly, when I’m busy with back to back clients I often struggle to get back to people and coordinate my diary efficiently, so this way there are no mistakes….. Thirdly, it gives my clients choices that they can see without waiting to hear back from me.

The new system works, and I’m encouraging my clients to use it, but if you have any problems, or would like an appointment outside of those times, it’s always worth dropping me a text to see if anything else is available.

in the meantime, I look forward to seeing you in Heaton Mersey to continue with the work that I love and enjoy with a passion !!

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New Premises !!!

On the agenda for quite some time, but finally found amazing new premises, at The Heatons Personal Training in Heaton Mersey.

Gorgeous place, love the feeling of it, and want all of my clients to enjoy my new space.

Please contact me for details of move etc…


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Wake up tips for weight loss !!

imageDespite being someone who’s known for “fixing” pain, and recommending strengthening and stretching regimes to combat long term issues, I also often get asked about nutrition, and advice on losing weight.

Sadly, it appears that weight loss is not as simple as the “calories in, calories out” method that has been adopted in the past, where you simply aim to burn off what you ate the day before !!

I don’t intend to go into the dietary requirements of your programme, as I’ll leave that to the discretion of your chosen experts….. However, there are a few tips which will doubtless add value to your quest to shift those additional winter pounds.

On waking….

– Drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice to aid digestion, kick start metabolism, and provide your body with a great alkalising and detoxing effect.  Not only does this assist your weight loss, but also reduces the risk of diseases that exist in an acidic environment.

– Drink caffeine…. Whether it be your favourite cup of coffee (minus the sugar and cream overload if possible !!), or a green tea of your choice, metabolism will feel the kick.

– Drinking water has always been a staple addition to any healthy diet, but on waking, drinking a standard bottle of water (ice cold is best for its metabolism boosting qualities, according to the experts), will help your body function at peak fat burning performance.

It has been found in a German study, that by drinking 17 ounces of regular water, metabolism increases by 30% !!  Not to be missed as far as I’m concerned, and that’s without the skin benefits (which is another discussion……).

– To work out or not to work out….. If you are a morning workout  person (which I very much am for the stimulating qualities and the boost it gives my day), then don’t eat on waking, but do all of the above.  If you DO decide to workout in the morning however, be aware that this is known to reduce cravings for the rest of the day !!!

If you are not looking to workout within an hour or so of waking, you need to eat !!  Yes, eat a fabulous breakfast, and preferably with the addition of something spicy, like added to your eggs, or sprinkled on your porridge, whatever is your spice of choice really.  This is going to give you a metabolism boost for up to 3 hours.

– Finally, breathing….. If you can’t face any of the above, I’m sure you can manage to include some deep breathing into your regime, as stress is the biggie for slowing down metabolism and insulin stimulating fat around the middle !!  Breathing exercises reduce stress, and ultimately the consequences….

I hope you find some useful tips from this, as it isn’t always about calorie counting, and let’s face it, life is for living, not enduring !!



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The hidden dangers of masking the pain during a workout…

imageThe use of NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), both prescribed and over the counter, painkillers like ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen and Tylenol, is at an all time high according to latest research by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).

With more women than men hitting these seemingly harmless drugs, they are being given higher doses and using them for longer periods than men, as research has highlighted that women are more likely to have more chronic pain,

While it is widely known that patients with heart defects are advised against NSAID’s, and the drugs increase the risk of ulcers and serious bleeding in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, little else has deterred their increasing use.  However, researchers at the Duke University Medical Centre recently reported that even in healthy individuals, use of commonly available NSAID’s like ibuprofen, diclofenac and naproxen are linked with increased risk of stroke.  Not a great start for all the fitness enthusiasts and athletes who commonly take them before every workout or competition!!

One of the most powerful natural antioxidants our body has is glutathione, which greatly helps the liver detoxify acetaminophen (the active ingredient in a number of painkilling drugs).  The key nutrient responsible for the production of glutathione is N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), which is killed off by taking NSAID’s.  It’s for this reason that acetaminophen containing drugs should not be used for minor aches and pains or as a crutch to continue with exercise, but use should be solely for severe pain when recovering from surgery or a severe injury.

NAC is a protein supplements that can be bought from a health food shop, and is recommended to be taken if NSAID’s form part of a regular routine.  Further studies have shown that taking NSAID’s before a workout can increase the side effects typically seen in heavy users, with intestinal damage occurring only an hour after ingesting.

Following exercise, it’s our satellite cells which respond to resistance training and work with the muscle fibres to form lean tissue, and they work hard in the healing of damaged tissue.  Taking NSAID’s is said to reduce production of satellite cells.

According to Dr Michael Loes, author of “Healing Sports Injuries Naturally”, 95% of sports injuries are minor soft tissue traumas such as sprains and strains, contusions or bruising, all resulting in inflammation and pain.  Taking NSAID’s activates pro-inflammatory chemicals, prostaglandins, which encourage sub-acute inflammation in addition to the existing discomfort.

Having studied sports nutrition for 20 years, Dr Michael Loes has discovered that by adding proteases (enzymes that break down protein), such as bromelain (derived from pineapple), and papain (derived from papaya), following a workout, it accelerated muscle recovery and greatly reduced the inflammatory chemical that causes pain and swelling.  A recent study published in the Journal of Strength Conditioning and Research highlights how bromelain and papaya restored muscle power shortly after exercise, quickly re-establishing the portion of muscle strength it had lost.

Enzymes naturally digest food particles first, but when taken on an empty stomach they immediately begin to reverse exercise induced damage to tissues, reducing the chemicals that cause inflammation and pain.  Bodybuilder Lee Labrada recommends taking a multiple enzyme before and after working out.

recommended natural pain relief products include Astaxanthin, acetylene Myristoleate, Curcumin, Ginger, Evening Primrose, Black Currant and Borage Oils, and Cayenne.

Not forgetting the many simple stress relieving techniques like meditation, hypnotherapy and yoga, a deep tissue massage or acupuncture.  Lack of sleep causes a depletion of serotonin too, our body’s own feel good chemical, which leads to an increase in pain sensitivity.


The use of NSAID’s continues to increase, but the words of warning are to remember the reasons for working out, and be aware of the negative impact of NSAID’s on our ultimate goals.  Be aware of the number of ingested products containing acetaminophen, and think about supplementing with NAC to negate the effects.

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Think you need to sit down??

imageI often see clients who sit for long periods of time at work, and they often ask if this could be the cause of their back and shoulder pain, or their hamstring strains following their last run.

Here’s what I think…..

We were never designed to sit at computers staring at screens all day long, or to sit in cars for hours on end fighting with the clutch up and down the M6, or to sit on the sagging sofa all day watching the box.  Read More »

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Do I really need to stretch before and/or after exercise?

There are a variety of schools of thought on stretching, both pre and post exercise, and exercises and therapists alike, will adopt their views based on their own experience/ evidence.

One thing which is pretty widely accepted is that stretching is rarely a bad thing, and can only be deemed to be detrimental if the health and condition of the individual, or muscles being stretched, are not fully considered prior to an exercise programme. Read More »

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